Order Processing Time
All orders will be created in the order it was received and can usually take 4-5 weeks before shipping (processing time is subject to change depending on the order volume). Valerie takes great care in designing your set by hand and each order may take few hours to create (unless they are "ship next day" sets). There is rush option available for purchase and please text 626.292.9090 or email Valerie.  Rush order may not always be available. Thank you for your understanding.  

If your order contains both "Ship Next Day" and handmade nails, the order will ship after the handmade nails are complete. If you wish to receive the "Ship Next Day" nails sooner, please make your purchase separately. 

Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you do receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number.

*Kindly note that ALL USPS First Class packages has tracking number but ONLY PRIORITY Packages are insured up to $100. USPS seldom lose or damage packages but if you have experienced lost packages in past at your address, it is recommended that you choose PRIORITY shipping to insure your items. 

Once packages are dropped off at USPS, they are tracked and LilSwing will not be responsible for lost, damaged, mis-delivered or stolen packages. However, Valerie will do her best to assist you but cannot guarantee replacement unless the order was shipped via priority mail.  Please contact Valerie with any additional questions. 

What is the difference between HANDMADE and SHIP NEXT DAY nails? 
Handmade Nails - they are premium acrylics, thicker, more durable and reusable guaranteed. 

Ship Next Day Nails - they are all set of 24 nails, one size fits all, can be clipped, reshaped, modified and filed to your liking. Ship next day nails are machine-made nails that are not as thick, they are intended for quick manicure or gift for someone.  It is still reusable but would be for more of an experienced press on nail user. 

Care Instructions
Press on nails are reusable for up to 6x, soak them in warm to hot soapy water and wiggle it light - they will come off. Clean, dry and store in the storage box.

**Please do not use pure acetone to soak them off, acetone will melt the press on nails and it will be damaged. The set will not be usable after acetone.

What should I use to make sure my nails stay put?

1. Nail Tabs: If you just want to wear them for a couple hours, I would recommend the nail tabs but do not expect the tabs to hold-up for a long period of time.
(this also depends on your natural nail plate because it would hold a couple hours for me, however, for my friends they would hold up the entire day even having contact with water). 

2. Nail Glue (2 Different Heads):
--> Brush: I like to use IBD Nail Glue with a brush like nail polish for even application.
--> Needle: You may also use KDS Nail Glue in a tube that allows more glue to flow thru for application.

Custom and personalized orders
Of course! You may apply it to the press on nail or from the cuticle on your nail (it is really your preference, whichever is easier for you)

1 to 2 days: Simply apply a very thin layer of nail glue.
7 - 10 days: Put a blob of nail glue in the size of a pea.
10 - 14 days: Apply the glue to both your nail and the person on nail.

et... Viola!