About Us

When You've Got Nails - FLAUNT IT, LOVE!

LilSwing was inspired by my best friend, my life mentor, my energy to keep me going in life whom has always given me a shore to turn to, support, love, patience, care and a sense of selfless - she is my mother.

My mother has extremely sensitive skin from top to bottom with other health conditions which sadly wouldn't allow her to visit the salon to get her nails done. (yes, even her natural nail plate!)

I grew up loving nails, she has always been mesmerized how beautiful and satisfy my hands would look with nails being done at the salon.
Then, it was the start of 
LilSwing where I begin to brainstorm how can my mother flaunt the same way I do when I have my nails done!

Now, my dear mother is able to wear nails and FLAUNT IT the same way I can!
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